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Using flooring on the walls

By Jill

Posted on Monday, October 29, 2018 12:39 PM

It might be a little late to say it, but people, the on the wall! You may or may not know that the latest trend in home design has literally been strategically placing flooring on wall surfaces. Rather than using heavier materials, like traditional ceramic or hardwood, companies like Vercade Wall Fashion are creating lighter flooring materials that are perfect to decorate the walls of your home or office. At Barry Carpet, we are proud to offer you this versatile medium that can be used to add dimension and liveliness to any room.

flooring on the walls

Our favorite new brand at Barry Carpet that offers flooring for walls is Vercade Wall Fashion, which carries beautiful and durable products in natural stone and hardwood styles. The diversity in their design selection is truly incredible, with the ability for you to make custom patterns to create one of a kind looks.

Flooring for the wall can also be used to enhance the elegance of your home design. Rather than have all walls matching, perhaps consider an accent wall using a wall flooring style of your choice. These decorative facades have enhanced authenticity, using a high resolution printed decorative film.

Vercade Wall Fashion modular pieces are lightweight and made for easy installation. Their seamless corners eliminate the need for additional trim pieces. They are waterproof, stable, and are managed with carefree maintenance. Vercade Wall Fashion flooring for the wall have Ultrafresh surface treatment and a clear vinyl wear layer for added durability. They use exclusive isocore technology for dimensional stability and strength, which means that once installed, they should be able to maintain their look and presence in your room for quite a while.

flooring on the wall

using flooring on walls

Interested to see how Vercade Wall Fashion would look in your home or office? Come by our Barry Carpet West LA showroom and take home a sample so that you can see for yourself!

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