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Top Carpet Trends

By Jill

Posted on Saturday, September 6, 2014 1:04 AM

Top Carpet Trends -

Top Carpet Trends

Carpet definitely adds a certain warmth, softness, and comfort to a room that is unmatched by other flooring options. The latest trends in carpet offer even more reasons to consider this versatile material when updating a room in your home.

Add Visual Impact with Patterns

Carpet Trends Patterns - blog.barrycarpet.comFrom classic pin dots or basket weaves to more modern geometric shapes and linear designs, pattern carpet is a popular way to add visual interest to a room. Patterns can open up a small space and help to define specific areas within your home. Vivid patterns such as florals, stripes, and geometrics will definitely set the decorating tone in a room, while small-scale patterns offer a more subtle design aesthetic. When mixing patterned carpet with other fabrics, a good rule is to stick with patterns that are related by form, color, or texture. It’s also best to bring carpet samples home before you buy. A bold pattern you fall in love with at the showroom can look a lot different in the context of your room.

Make a Statement with Color

In rooms with lots of pattern and texture, it’s often better to go with a solid-color carpet. But solid doesn’t have to mean boring. Today’s homeowners are packing more punch into their carpet selections by choosing bolder tones, such as vibrant oranges, deep greens, bright reds, and rich purples. Going with a bold accent color from a fabric or curtain in your room is a great way to pull off this look. While definitely an attention-grabber, a bold-color carpet also helps hide signs of daily wear.

Go for the Quiet Elegance of a Neutral

Neutral Carpet Trends - blog.barrycarpet.comRather have your furnishings or wall color make the room’s design statement? Carpets in neutral tones offer a more quiet sophistication. Homeowners favoring this subtle look are choosing neutral tones in classic designs such as tailored patterns and ribbing. And while earthy tones of beige and light browns remain popular, today’s neutrals also include taupe, gray, khaki, sage green, sandy yellow, and even blue-grays.

Bring Nature Indoors

Many environmentally conscious consumers are incorporating more natural carpet fibers into their homes. Sisal, which is commonly used to make twine and rope, adds a unique look and texture to a room. Or for those who prefer a softer feel, seagrass is a popular eco-friendly option that produces carpet known for its dense textured patterns and natural softness. Naturally stain resistant, seagrass rugs are not chemically dyed, but instead come in natural colors, which change as the carpets age. And, of course, you can’t get much more natural than carpeting made from wool, which offers unparalleled softness underfoot, and adds a subtle elegance to any room.

Lasting Beauty

In addition to a broad selection of available styles, colors, and patterns, advancements in fiber technology have made today’s carpet more durable, stain-resistant, and longer lasting than ever before. Carpets not only add coziness to a room, but they can inspire a designer look that truly showcases your personal style. To see the many decorating options available with today’s carpet, stop in our Barry Carpet showroom or give us a call to set up an appointment. Barry Carpet Showroom -



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