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Cork Flooring

By Jill

Posted on Monday, February 10, 2020 3:29 PM

Amorim WISE cork flooring - color Traces Natural
Amorim WISE - Traces Natural

With the world evolving toward a more conscious outlook on living, greener homes are becoming the most relevant and popular trend in 2020. At Barry Carpet, we are passionate about the environment we live in and pride ourselves on the eco-friendly products we carry. Cork flooring, a sustainable option, has recently become much more accessible and stylish, with some incredible features that will genuinely surprise you.

Cork flooring comes from the outer bark of the cork oak tree. Since it can be stripped and removed several times with little harm to the tree, it is a steady source of renewable raw material. Along with being 100% biodegradable, It is also impermeable to moisture and has natural rot-resistant and fire-resistant properties. A harvested cork oak tree helps reduce global warming by absorbing 5 times more CO2 from the atmosphere. We at Barry Carpet value cork as an incredibly natural and safe product!

Elastic, durable, warm and soft underfoot, cork flooring is flexible to a variety of spaces and because of its softer give, its ideal for children, elders, and those susceptible to falling. Compared to engineered wood, walking across cork flooring is a quieter experience. Since cork provides fantastic insulation against sound and vibrations, it can be used beneath floating floor systems as a muffler and to help give floors a more natural sound. It is also a great choice for intensive building projects, such as apartments, where you need to dampen the sound of heavy footsteps from above.

Amorim WISE cork flooring - Contempo Loft
Amorim WISE - Contempo Loft

Our newest cork brand addition at Barry Carpet is Amorim WISE, which is a sustainable, non PVC, floating solution that is 100% WaterProof. Amorim WISE is a climate positive flooring choice that has superior wear resistance suitable for any type of project.

A cork underlayment is included for extra performance, providing optimal temperature underfoot year round, noise reduction and organic comfort. With a cork rigid core for reinforced dimensional stability and superior wear resistance, Amorim WISE is suitable for any residential or commercial project. Amorim WISE makes cork flooring with wood, stone, and cork visuals, If the look of cork is not for you, there are additional, more conventional natural style options that may suit your taste.

Visit our Barry Carpet flooring showroom in West Los Angeles to see a variety of cork and other eco-friendly flooring options. See our “Eco-Friendly Floors” on our website for more info on cork and other sustainable flooring options. Or give us a call to speak with one of our flooring experts to help you find what you are looking for.

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