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Cozy Up Your Home this New Year: Tips From Our Top Interior Designers

By Jill

Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2019 2:36 PM

2019 is here and we at Barry Carpet asked three of our favorite interior designers to share with you their design tips to consider for your home this new year. Read below to meet the designers and hear what they have to say about how to make your living space not only beautiful, but also cozy and charming this season!

Chiavaro Design
Chiavaro Design

Designer Name: Stacy Chiavaro, Chiavaro Design

Georgette Westerman Interiors
Georgette Westerman Interiors

Designer Name: Georgette Westerman, Georgette Westerman Interiors

Blythe Home Interior Design
Blythe Home Interior Design

Designer Name: Stacey Copeland, Blythe Home Interior Design

1. What do you think is the most essential part of a design?

CD: The most essential part of interior design is connecting people with their homes. Building the bridge between house and home requires equal amounts design expertise and ability to create an interior that embodies the homeowner’s personal style.

GWI: The most essential part of design is really understanding who your client is and what it is that is important and special to them. It’s also about building a personal relationship with the client that has long term effects, both emotionally and spiritually.

BHID: The most essential part of design is for the final outcome to express the personality of the client. The challenge is in designing something that feels real and personal for someone you don’t know well. I don’t want my clients to feel like like they are inhabiting a movie set.

2. What inspired you to go into interior design?

CD: Architectural history seminars in college impressed upon me the spirit of built spaces and their ability to change your perspective and mood. Every project is its own study of human nature.

GWI: As a young child, I used to spend hours in front of my dollhouse, not playing with the dolls, but decorating their homes. My mother always knew that I had a knack for design and she is the one who ultimately encouraged me to go to school for interior design and build a career in it.

BHID: It runs in the family—my grandmothers, aunt and mom all have an affinity and love for interior design. Growing up we would rearrange the house for fun a few times a year and spend weekends shopping for antiques and art.

Chiavaro Design

Room scene by Chiavaro Design

3. What is your favorite type of project?

CD: The types of projects I appreciate most are the ones which we establish trust in the early stages of a project and we’re able to let our creativity lead the client to a place they love, but never knew existed.

GWI: My favorite type of project is one where I can really connect with the client. I love the time spent with them, collaborating, scheming, and executing our vision.

BHID: My favorite type of project is one that pushes me out of my personal taste and strays away from the safe choices. I’m working with a client right now who is extremely bold and the result is turning out to be so fun and unlike anything I have done before. We’re doing a mural of gold leaf dripping on one wall in front of a cobalt sofa in the media room and vintage curved French sofa from the 1940’s on an abstract fuschia and lavender silk rug in the library. It’s all full of personality.

4. What are flooring options that offer a cozy feel to a home?

CD: Herringbone wood floors are a classic! They add warmth and charm to both contemporary and traditional interiors.

GWI: I love carpeting the bedrooms. There’s something about carpet underfoot when you get out of bed in the morning or slip into bed at night. It’s a very warm and inviting sensation that’s essential to one’s well being. I also love area rugs because I feel they are essential for grounding and defining a space.

BHID: I am a big fan of wool rugs and broadloom carpet for the cozy feel they bring to a home, especially in a bedroom. I do recognize that there is also a place for synthetic rugs. Recently I have added carpet runners to several stairways, and most of them have been from the Tuftex line. For an older couple, they wanted the added safety the runner provides and another family with lots of pets and teenagers wanted to dampen the sound of everyone going up and down the stairs. Both clients are thrilled with the cozy feeling a carpet stair runner provides.

Georgette Westerman Interiors

Room scene by Georgette Westerman Interiors

5. How do you pick an area rug? Any favorite brands/designers?

CD: I adore a subtle stripe area rug for family rooms, breakfast rooms, and casual rooms that don’t require the opulence of antique rugs. My favorite rugs are made by the brands Radici and Prestige, which I have custom made into area rugs by Barry Carpet.

GWI: Size of an area rug is very important! It’s essential to think about proportion before selecting one. Once the size has been determined, I like to have my rugs custom made with Barry Carpet. This selection process always starts at Barry Carpet!

BHID: I always pick an area rug that is one or two levels bolder than the rest of the room. There is something about laying a design on the floor that dials down the intensity. I tend to gravitate toward antique rugs in most of my designs, especially the very old and slightly imperfect ones. I just suggested a Missoni area rug in their signature zig-zag weave, bound in bright green for a tween girl’s room—I hope the client signs off on it.

6. What are some design tips to add warmth to the home?

CD: Fresh boxwood or pine wreaths placed throughout the home are my favorite holiday accents. Black taper candles also create warm and cozy spaces. If you haven’t lit black candles in your home, you are missing out!

GWI: The holidays can be wonderful, yet overwhelming at times so it’s important that you surround yourself with colors that make you feel good. I also suggest you change your throw pillows to reflect the season. It’s easy and can be an inexpensive way to dress up a room.

BHID: It’s not a secret tip, but I suggest that you put all your lighting on dimmers and add a lot of candlelight. Not only does candlelight flatter and make everyone feel a notch sexier, but the added benefit is that you don’t notice the spot where my dog scratched the paint off the door or the silver candlestick I didn’t get around to polishing – in other words I feel less anxious about every detail being perfect. Nothing adds warmth like a relaxed and cheerful host or hostess welcoming you into their home.

Blythe Home Interior Design

Room scene by Blythe Home Interior Design

Want to follow these incredible interior designers? See below for their websites and Instagram accounts:

Designer Name: Stacy Chiavaro
Designer Brand: Chiavaro Design
Instagram: @chiavarodesign

Designer Name: Georgette Westerman
Designer Brand: Georgette Westerman Interiors
Instagram: @georgettewestermaninteriors

Designer Name: Stacey Copeland
Designer Brand: Blythe Home Interior Design
Instagram: @blythe_home

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