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Jute Rugs

By Jill

Posted on Monday, January 29, 2018 2:25 PM

Are you looking to finally finish the home of your dreams? If you are passionate about style, organic design and the environment, we have the perfect rug for you!

Fibreworks Malabar jute rug
Fibreworks Malabar
Fibreworks Jute Rug
Fibreworks-Zira Luna Pearl


At Barry Carpet, we too are passionate about aesthetics and our environmental footprint. We offer several brands that carry a unique type of carpet made out of the organic material, Jute. A completely biodegradable fiber, jute is a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional carpet.


Naturally thick and durable, these natural fiber rugs are woven into beautiful braided and exotic textures. Even though Jute is strong, it is softer underfoot than alternative earth-friendly materials, like seagrass or sisal.

Stylish Ambiance

A jute rug adds stylish raw texture and may be the perfect accent piece for you to create an organic home decor aesthetic and ambiance. For example, a rug made of bleached jute fabric will produce a clean, laid-back feel. A sisal jute rug, which combines 2 plant fibers, with a dark brown edge, will create a bolder look. A jute rug may complement an area that has anything from a contemporary design to a vintage vibe.

Low Maintenance

Not only that, Jute is low maintenance! It does not require special everyday care, as it is less likely to accumulate as much dirt and dust as other carpets. Naturally brown in color, jute makes stains less noticeable. Jute can also be used as a backing for wool carpet or used in composite form as the underlay for linoleum. Jute is best placed in low-traffic household areas, like in a bedroom or living room, allowing the natural rug to last for many years.

We, at Barry Carpet, look forward to helping you decide which type of eco-friendly flooring works best for your living space. If you find that jute does not suit your taste, we have many other products that can do the trick, such as seagrass, rubber, wool and more! See our Eco-Friendly Flooring Options Here to learn about more earth-friendly flooring options. Give us a call to see if we carry the flooring that supports your design vision!

Fibreworks Bombay Jute Rug
Fibreworks Bombay Jute Rug

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