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Cork Flooring A Healthy and Homey Choice

By Jill

Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2017 4:57 AM

At Barry Carpet, we are passionate about offering natural flooring products and explaining the incredible health benefits of the lines we carry. One of the wonderful sustainable options we have is cork flooring.  Along with being 100% biodegradable, cork flooring is elastic, durable, warm and soft underfoot.  Cork is also a natural thermal and acoustic insulator, which means rooms with cork flooring are naturally warm and especially quiet.

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US Floors - Cork Deco Symmetry Natural


Cork is also praised for its remarkable shock absorption. According to Wicanders website, tests confirm that cork floors, compared to laminate floors, reduce walking sound up to 53%. Since cork provides fantastic insulation against sound and vibrations, it can be used beneath floating floor systems as a muffler and to help give the floors a more natural sound. It’s a perfect choice for multiple story buildings, where sound needs to be dampened from above.

Cork is impermeable to moisture with natural rot-resistant and fire-resistant properties. If burned accidentally, cork does not release any toxic gasses or chemicals, making it a healthy choice to surround yourself with.

Cork flooring is aesthetically versatile and available in tiles and planks in many styles, colors and sizes.

Helpful Tips for Installing Cork Flooring

  • While installing, remember to leave a 1/2 inch around the flooring perimeter so it can expand and contract appropriately.
  • Great performance under heavy furnishings.
  • Can be used as underlayment layer for ceramic, wood, or stone.
  • Don't worry about scratches, they will become part of the material pattern.
  • Seal every 5 years to keep its waterproof characteristics.

We carry a wide selection of cork flooring at Barry Carpet.

A few brands of cork flooring worth mentioning include:  Solida, Natural Cork, WeCork, Wicanders, Nova, Globus, and more.

Give us a call (310-479-3761) or visit our Barry Carpet West LA showroom to see the wide variety of Cork flooring products available for your space!

CLICK HERE to read more about Cork & other eco-friendly flooring choices at Barry Carpet.


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