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Why Buy PetProtect Carpets

By Jill

Posted on Friday, October 16, 2015 2:44 PM

PetProtect: Protecting Carpet from Our Four-Legged Friends

Here’s a fun fact: According to a recent survey conducted by The American Pet Products Society, 68 percent of U.S. households own a pet. If you’re one of these whopping 82.5 million families, you likely know all too well the challenges that our four-legged friends create when it comes to keeping your carpets clean – including those hard-to-remove stains, lingering odors, and excessive shedding. At Barry Carpet, we believe that our pet-loving customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice style when it comes to choosing flooring. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for great-looking products that can coexist in homes with dogs and cats. One such product we are excited to offer is PetProtect carpet. If you have a pet, here are just a few reasons why you should check out this carpet.

Maximum Stain Resistance

PetProtect carpet is made from highly durable nylon fiber called SuperiaSD, which is both strong and yet, very soft to the touch. This uniquely engineered polymer fiber is also inherently stain resistant, so there’s no need for added stain treatments. In fact, PetProtect is one of strongest and most stain-resistant carpets available for residential use. This built-in stain resistance means you have more time to react when an accident occurs. And even after repeated carpet cleanings, PetProtect will continue to perform.

Color Safe

PetProtect’s fibers are also solution dyed, locking the color in and making this carpet color safe. So you can confidently clean up pet accidents with hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners without worrying that the carpet color will fade – no matter how hard you scrub.

Odor Protection

Pets can be sneaky little devils, sometimes leaving us “little presents” in areas that we may not discover right away. And as most pet owners know, once a stain such as pet urine reaches the carpet padding and subfloor below, the odor is almost impossible to remove. PetProtect carpet and carpet cushion system helps defend against these accidents with a breathable moisture barrier that prevents spills from penetrating the padding and being absorbed into the subfloor below. This enables a more thorough cleaning and greatly reduces the possibility of lingering odors.

Less Pet Hair

While certainly man’s best friend, many breeds of dogs (and cats, for that matter) can be the worst when it comes to shedding. With PetProtect carpet, a proprietary technology reduces the attraction of pet hairs to the carpet fiber, allowing for easy hair removal with a simple routine vacuuming. This equates to more hairs in your vacuum bag and less on your clothes.

All the Latest Styles Backed by The Best Warranty

Have a specific style you’re looking for? PetProtect carpet is available in all of the latest textures, patterns, and colors to match most any decorating style. And PetProtect carpet is backed by the best pet limited warranty offered, with lifetime coverage for the most common pet stains.

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