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Importance of Upgrading Carpet Pad

By Jill

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 2:53 PM

I often get the question: “How important is it to upgrade your carpet pad?” The answer:  The carpet pad can be just as important as the carpet itself! I know, we don’t want to be sold on anything we don’t need.  After all – isn’t all padding the same? If you were to ask any carpet installer, they will tell you it’s not. They see the carpet and pad after it has been down for years. They can tell you some have taken more than their share of abuse from high traffic, wear, pets, spills and damage. Some pads are even worn down to a powder!  It is always a look of shock from customers when we pull up their old carpet and the installers literally sweep their old padding away. Carpet Cushion So what makes one carpet pad better than another? What is the right choice for my household? Density Padding manufacturers have come out with many different types of padding. Industry standard is 6 lb. padding.  The denser the pad, the better it will wear over time. It will extend the overall life of your carpet. Your room will be quieter and warmer by decreasing sound while increasing thermal insulation.  As an added bonus, your carpet will FEEL better. Moisture Barrier Padding with a moisture barrier is a foam pad with a barrier on top. If your pet has an accident or a spill occurs, it won’t soak into the padding, but rather sit on top. One of the issues found with padding that doesn’t have a moisture barrier is after carpets have been professionally cleaned. Often the homeowner will find soon after that A NEW stain has emerged. This is called wicking. Wicking occurs when the substance that was spilled has soaked through into the pad. Although you clean the surface, the spill that is trapped in the pad is reabsorbed into the carpet, making its way up into the carpet fibers to the surface. Antimicrobial Pad This type of padding inhibits the growth of mildew, mold and fungus. For those that suffer from allergies or asthma, this is a must.  In basements, because of the risk of moisture from the ground below, it is also highly recommended. The pad will not allow microorganisms to grow. This helps keep your carpet cleaner. There are some pads that have one or all of these attributes!  Come into the Barry Carpet showroom, take a carpet sample and put it over the standard pad, then do the same with an upgraded pad – 9 times out of 10 customers will go with the upgraded padding because of the feel under foot alone. Most customers are surprised when I tell them how little the cost is to upgrade! I hope this has helped you with any questions you may have about carpet pad and the benefits of upgrading!

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