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Flooring Options for Large Living Spaces

By Jill

Posted on Monday, January 11, 2016 3:48 PM

Californians love the sun and big open spaces with high ceilings and lots of windows in their homes. Many homes incorporate an open-concept design where rooms flow seamlessly into other rooms. This can make a decorating challenge when trying to create a cohesive visual appearance while still adding your own personality to each interior space. When we help decorate large living areas we always recommend breaking down the design process into four basic components: flooring, furniture, paint, and accent accessories. Since flooring is our specialty, we have put together some flooring suggestions that will help transform your large living spaces into truly stunning rooms.

Create a Beautiful Canvas with Hardwood Flooring

Preverco flooringWhen it comes to adding richness and character to large living spaces hardwood flooring’s beautiful grains and natural tones is hard to beat. Carrying one hardwood style throughout large living spaces is a perfect way to visually tie the spaces together. To achieve this sleek, continuous look, the wider and longer the planks the better it will tie the room together. Want to create a warm, rustic effect? Consider the hand-scraped or distressed wood planks visuals. For example, DuChateau specializes in wide-planked hardwoods that replicate the time-worn character of vintage European flooring. For this distinctly antiqued look, their woods go through a variety of natural processes including hand-scraping, hand-sculpting, smoking, brushing, liming, and carbonization. Hardwoods that include such distressing techniques help add visual interest in a large space. For a more modern aesthetic visual you may opt for a clean, neutral look such as Mirage’s White Oak in Snowdrift, a wide plank in creamy white with subtle gray tones. Or, maybe you prefer for your living spaces the striking color variations found in exotic wood species, such as: Bubinga (African Rosewood), Ipe, or the popular Acacia, as well as many other wood species we offer to our Los Angeles customers. These woods will make a real dramatic visual flooring statement that truly commands everyone’s attention when they enter the room. At Barry Carpet we are very selective of the wood flooring brands we carry to be sure styles and colors fit the California lifestyle and decorating tastes.

Add Your Unique Style with Area Rugs

DuChateau Hardwood FlooringFor large living spaces we offer custom made area rugs to complement your new wood flooring. We specialize in rugs that can be made in any size shape, color and style to add a distinct design element to your space and help visually separate the different open living areas. Area rugs also can help tie large, open spaces together and reduce the sound. Here, a high-end custom designed wool rug can be a beautiful and durable option. Start by choosing from the many different wools we offer in our showroom and we will hand-craft it into your own unique area rug for your room. In fact, at Barry carpet, we can create custom area rug runners for hallways and stairs that fit your exact dimensions to accommodate specific angles, including odd-shaped entryways, halls, and fireplaces. We’ve done some stunning one-of-a-kind designs with our custom fabricator, who is a true craftsman. Stanton area rug rug-2 rug-3



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