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Caress Collection by Shaw Carpet

By Jill

Posted on Sunday, June 9, 2013 8:07 PM

Caress carpet displayBarry Carpet is proud to announce we now carry the Caress Collection by Shaw Carpet! The Caress Collection is one of the top "soft carpets" and utilizes a type of nylon fibers that is one of the latest trends within the carpet industry. Not only are "soft carpets" incredibly soft to the touch; but they have many other qualities that are desirable for those that live in homes which are prone to spills, dirt and high traffic:

Stain and Soil Resistant

The Caress Collection uses the Patented R2X, which is the industry's most innovative carpet stain and soil resistant system. Not only does R2X protect the surface of the carpet fibers, it offers total fiber coverage throughout the yarn (from top to the bottom). When a spill occurs, the carpet will repel the liquid, which allows for more time to apply your cleaning solution, some say it is even easier than using a standard spot cleaner! The Good Housekeeping Institute has conducting independent testing of the R2X system which adds another level of credibility! Additionally, R2X includes a lifetime warranty for stains, soils, and even pet urine which includes labor and installation at no additional cost.


The Caress Collection comes with a 20 year texture retention, abrasive ware, and quality assurance warranty. This mean over the 20 year lifetime of your carpet, you will not see any heavy traffic patterns or other types of wear in your carpet. In an industry known for warranties with lacking characteristics, the Caress Collection really set itself apart!


Shaw's Cradle to Cradle philosophy focuses on designing products that are 100% recyclable and reusable. When it is time to replace your carpet in the future, the Caress Collection can be deconstructed and re-utilized as original materials over and over. This goes to show how Shaw is truly committed to Sustainability through Innovation! So... how can it be soft AND durable without compromising wear? caress carpet bearThese nylon filaments are finer than the standard nylon filaments used by other manufacturers, they are finer than a strand of hair. Because of this, more than twice as many nylon filaments are able to be packed into the strands of yarn. This is very unique and gives the Caress Collection its softness and strength. From our own experience (over 45 years), we know that nylon is one of the best wearing fibers available, aside from wool. With that being said, why is nylon more desirable than wool? You can still purchase an extremely high quality carpet product, which is at a much more affordable price point! The key differentiator between the Caress Collection and the other "soft carpet" products is the fact that it is manufactured from nylon and not a synthetic fiber. Synthetic fibers tend to wear much more quickly as well as visibly show high traffic patterns over time. With the R2X system, Shaw is able to provide the same promises in stain protection as any synthetic fiber. Any liquid poured onto the Caress Collection will bead up like moisture would on a waterproof rain/ski jacket: Keeping the moisture on the outside and not leaking into the core of the fibers. Here is a video which will help give you a better visual understanding... please click here for the Shaw R2X video. caress carpet styles All of us at Barry Carpet are excited to add the Caress Collection to our product offering! We invite you to come visit our Los Angeles carpet store and feel the difference for yourself. We are happy to give you a free in home design consultation and estimates. If you have any more questions about the Caress Collection, feel free to contact us at!



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